As I look around at the students and teachers in my classrooms, I see kids who have had to go through terrible and traumatic events in their lives.

And now that they are graduating from high school, it’s time to make sure they have the support and support system they need to go on to college and career.

But a good education system doesn’t just mean putting a kid in school, putting a teacher in school.

A good education also means making sure that they have access to a safe environment, access to good education, access not just to the school, but to the health care system and the mental health system, and so forth.

This is one of the reasons why I am in this position.

I have been a school board member for the last 30 years, and I have served on the school board of the district that I represent.

But I have also served as a teacher for the past 35 years.

I am proud to have served in this role.

So when I talk about the needs of the students, I am talking about the student who has the highest risk of getting the most out of a college education, and also the student whose family is not getting the best education possible.

And this is why I believe that I am uniquely qualified to serve in the role of education secretary.

The fact is, we need better education, not just in California but in the country as a whole.

And one of my first decisions is to address the gap in education.

I believe there is a problem in the system.

In my state, we have the highest percentage of children in poverty in the nation.

Our high school graduation rate is lower than other states.

In California, we spend more on teacher pay than any other state.

We spend the most on teacher benefits than any state in the United States.

But for too long, the American people have not been hearing the truth about how important it is to invest in our children’s education.

We need to invest, and that means investing in the classrooms and in the schools.

I understand that it is not easy to make cuts in education, but if we are going to get kids into the classrooms, we must do everything we can to make education affordable.

And if we’re going to invest and invest in schools, we also have to invest so that parents have the choice they want for their kids to go to school.

And that means the choice for their children to go and to the college or the career they want to pursue.

That means investing to make college and university accessible to all Americans.

And I will make sure that we do that in a way that does not undermine the quality of education.

That is why my education secretary will work to make high school and college more affordable and to ensure that every student can get a quality education that is a high-quality education that makes them and their families better off.

I also believe that we can make a difference in our communities.

And so I will focus on helping communities succeed and grow, including the communities in which we are building the infrastructure to keep America great.

We have a great pipeline of new jobs and new business in the auto industry, and we have to make those jobs available to American workers.

But we have a problem, too.

We do not have the best workforce for our businesses.

We don’t have the skills.

And we do not invest enough in our workforce.

So I am going to build on the progress we have made, in particular the auto companies, to make American businesses more competitive in the global economy.

So if we want to keep our manufacturing sector from closing, if we really want to invest our manufacturing in America, we are not going to be able to do it if we do nothing about education.

And the reason is that it’s not just about money.

We also have a responsibility as parents to invest.

The best education we can afford for our kids means investing that time and effort in our classrooms.

And when our kids have a better future, we can invest that in their future too.

As a teacher, we’ve had a great impact on the lives of our students and our communities, because the classroom is a place where we get to see a child in a different light, to see their challenges and challenges, to feel their joy.

And it is a community where we can see the best of each other.

And in that classroom, we all become better teachers.

We become better parents.

And our children become better citizens.

We all become more compassionate and compassionate parents.

This can only happen if we invest in the education system.

It can only work if we all take responsibility for each other’s education and the health of our communities as well.

This comes as no surprise to me, because I’ve worked in education since I was a child.

And my job is to make our schools, our schools that students are educated and educated to be better and to be healthier.

We’ve made enormous progress