The Government of India (GOI) has made it a priority to address the challenges of special education teachers and special education students, Education Minister Mark Zuckerberg said in his State of the Nation Address on Wednesday.

“As we work toward the goal of a universal primary education system, we have seen the impact of this effort.

Many families are now on the road to achieving full independence from poverty,” he said. 

In January, the government announced an expansion of the special education system.

The Government has been implementing a “universal primary education” (UPED) system, where teachers are paid in cash and can take over responsibility for special education classes for the duration of the student’s stay.

This includes teaching in public and private schools.

“Our goal is to ensure that every child has access to an education that is of the highest quality, that is aligned with their needs, and that they are well-prepared for life in school,” Zuckerberg said.

The UPED programme is funded by the Centre, with the aim of achieving the target of doubling the enrolment of all primary schools by 2025.

The government said the increase in enrollment is an indication of the importance of this initiative, which was implemented by the GOI and implemented with the support of the private sector.