Teachers at a private Catholic school in Brazil have created a sex education curriculum to help students overcome their fears of contracting STIs.

The curriculum, which is being taught to students in the country’s northern city of Paraiba, has been designed to be taught by an expert in sex education and has been given to all students in a classroom of 50 students.

The class will also include a presentation on condoms, sexual health and how to use the sex toy properly.

The project comes as Brazil prepares to host the World Cup, where the country is expected to face off against Argentina and Uruguay in the quarter-finals.

A sex education programme aimed at reducing sexual assaults has been criticised by critics who say it has been promoted by religious groups that have not properly researched the health risks of sex and sex work.

In 2016, the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais launched an anti-prostitution initiative to help improve sexual safety and curb the spread of STIs and HIV.

However, the curriculum has not been fully implemented in the Brazilian province of São Paulo, which has the second highest number of sexual assaults in the world.