Podcasts like Art Education have a long history in the music world.

They have a wide range of listenership, ranging from fans of classical music to students of art history, and some even claim to be the world’s best.

Now, the site has announced that its new Art Education podcast, Art Education, will debut on iTunes.

As you might expect, this podcast is a bit different from the more traditional format, as the podcast focuses on the teaching side of things.

It has a “teaching guide” to guide listeners through the various elements of teaching and how to use them effectively, and an on-screen tutorial for how to make your own lessons.

The podcast is still in beta, but this marks the first time the podcast will be released on iTunes, a site that has historically been a major platform for artists.

For now, Art Educators will have to work their way through the tutorial videos, but they’re likely to learn something along the way.

Art Education is currently available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

If you haven’t tried out the podcast yet, you can find it at iTunes.