The Free Educational Games Program has created a video to show off its offerings.

The group said its goal is to “encourage students to create free educational videos for their classroom activities.”

The group said it wants to give back to local schools by making games that help them get their education done.

The video includes an interactive learning system called “Lunchbox.”

It can help kids understand basic concepts like math and physics and how to solve puzzles, according to the group.

The program is a part of the Department of Education’s “Free Educational Games” program, which is aimed at improving literacy and numeracy for young children and adults.

The government launched the program last year and provides $50,000 to schools for each of the videos.

It’s not clear how much money the school districts receive.

The Free Educational Game program aims to help students understand basic terms and concepts and get their literacy and math skills up to scratch, said Lisa Hauschild, the program’s director.

It can be used by parents to provide interactive educational experiences to their kids, and teachers can help students solve puzzles and get ideas about the world, she said.

The videos can be downloaded on the Free Educational Sites app, which can be accessed by people on their smartphone or tablet.

It is available on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The apps also allow users to share and upload videos.

Some school districts, like the Los Angeles Unified School District, have already made videos available to their students through the Free Education Sites app.

But many schools have not.

For example, Los Angeles County Public Schools in Southern California, which has more than 3,300 public schools, is offering free videos on its website.

The district also is offering videos to schools that use video games as part of their education.

The LAUSD website offers video games that have been created by students in the district’s schools, which includes some of the districts largest public school buildings, including the Los Feliz School District and the Los Santos High School District.

The site also includes video games for children to use in school.

The free videos also have been made available through YouTube, which also has video games made available to students through its YouTube channel.

The videos are available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The U.S. Department of Justice, which regulates the federal government, said in a statement that it is aware of the video and wants to investigate the group’s educational video.

The DOJ added that it has made a request for information to see if the video was released or made available.

If the video is released, the DOJ said it is concerned about the “potential for liability, and possible educational or commercial exploitation of the work.”