Mitt Romney’s education institute has been linked to a string of online courses that offer free online education degrees and certificates.

But Romney and the institute, Mitt Romney Education Institute, are not alone in their embrace of free online educational platforms.

The Huffington Post reported that the Mitt Romney Educational Foundation, which Romney and his family have been affiliated with for decades, has funded a range of online educational programs, including a series of online video courses on health, technology, and the economy.

(The Huffington Post also reported that Romney has been paying for an online education for his presidential campaign.)

The Mitt Romney Foundation has been running a series with other education institutions, including the Obama campaign, and several other educational programs that have been tied to the Mitt’s campaign have also been linked.

The Mitts, according to a recent report by The Huffington View, are the first presidential candidate in recent memory to have an educational foundation.

“We’re not just trying to educate Americans,” Romney said in the video.

“The truth is that a lot of people don’t even know that they have the opportunity to have that education at the local or state level.”

In the video, Romney also talked about his vision for the future, which he said would involve “reinventing our economy, transforming the way our government operates, and transforming the economy.”

His campaign website also highlights his efforts to bring the nation together, including his support for an infrastructure bill, an overhaul of Medicare, and a plan to overhaul the Veterans Administration.

In the same video, he said that he would “make it easier for families to invest in the American Dream.”

“I want to be the best president that the country has ever had,” Romney added.

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