Google is making an education bundle for students.

The company announced on Tuesday that the bundle will include two $100 apps, and is priced at $199.

It will also include a pair of apps, a free iPhone app and a subscription to Apple Music.

Apple said in a blog post that the apps in the bundle are “the best value you can get on the Apple ecosystem” and that they will help students learn “from the latest in Apple technology and education content.”

The Apple Education Bundle will be available for $199, which includes an Apple Watch and a $10 monthly payment.

Apple has been getting better at integrating its services with other apps over the past year, such as iBooks and iMovie.

However, Apple also has its own streaming music service, iTunes Music, which has become a massive revenue generator for the company.

Apple is also trying to create a streaming music experience on its Apple TV, which is also launching in early 2017.