This is the second of a series on what it means to be in a primary school.

What is primary school?

It’s when you go to school, usually from sixth to twelfth grade, and are expected to follow the curriculum taught at home. 

What is secondary education then?

It means that you can go to university, or go on a university-related course, but not be taught the curriculum in primary school, or you can study secondary subjects. 

The word “secondary” in the context of secondary education has a range of meanings. 

For example, it can mean a high school, a secondary school, university or college.

It is also used to refer to secondary education courses, or courses that are taught at a secondary level. 

Where do you find your primary school and secondary school? 

Primary schools are run by a board of governors, which is made up of local government ministers, the teachers’ union and the head teacher. 

They have their own set of rules, and a set of responsibilities, such as the right to set curriculum, teach at home and be responsible for staff. 

Secondary schools are administered by councils, who also have a set duty to provide a safe environment for children. 

So how do we know what is primary and what is secondary? 

When you go and ask a local authority, they will tell you where your primary is, what its curriculum is, and what its requirements are. 

But what they won’t tell you is the definition of what primary and secondary means. 

A primary school can be a high-performing secondary school (also known as a school with a high number of pupils) or a secondary secondary school. 

Schools with a low number of children and low attainment are also called primary and are not classified as secondary. 

When a school meets the criteria for primary or secondary, the term is referred to as a school.

When a child goes to a primary or a primary secondary school you’ll hear a lot of the same things that you hear when you see a primary teacher: the language is the same, the curriculum is the exact same, and there are no differences in curriculum or the way teachers work. 

As long as you listen to your local authority and follow their rules, you should be able to get a sense of what a primary and a secondary education can mean. 

Is there a difference between a secondary and a primary? 

There isn’t. 

And there is no such thing as a primary school. 

Primary school is a separate category of education. 

It is not part of the curriculum that the local authority set out to educate you. 

There are many ways that children can be taught and learn, but they can be either primary or secondaries, depending on the needs of their individual schools.

The most common is a primary in which the children get a lot more instruction and are taught in the same way. 

This is where you can start to see a distinction between primary and secondaries.

There are also two types of secondary schools: primary and special. 

Special schools are the most common. 

Their curriculum is not the same as that of a primary, but is the curriculum of a special education course. 

Many of the special schools that you see are called primary and special, and the curriculum covers topics such as literacy, numeracy, history and other subjects.

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