KENT, Ohio (AP) — “The most accurate online education company on the planet.”

That’s how one of the world’s largest education consulting companies describes itself.

But its founder, Steve Loh, is just as sure he’ll never sell the company he founded.

In fact, Loh’s not worried about making a profit.

He said his goal is to provide the world with the most accurate education on the web.

Loh says the company is doing something very few other companies are doing, which is helping the world reach more people through online education.

It’s an idea that’s also helping the company raise billions of dollars for education.

For years, education has been the biggest problem in education, LOH said.

He’s not against education.

He just believes that it’s been oversold.

Loh founded Lohs Education Group in 2009.

In the next year, he raised about $200 million.

He also founded Lohl, an education company that makes digital content for online schools.

Lohl says it’s the only one with more than 100 million users worldwide.

Education is Loh and Loh believes that if you provide quality online education, the world will be more able to reach more students.

He sees online education as a way for schools to create a global network of learners, something he calls “learning hubs.”

In his company’s marketing materials, he says the idea is to give schools access to the global student body, so students can learn from the world as well.LOH said he’s been impressed by how online education has changed the way education is taught in America.

In the early 1990s, the country had about 50 million students.

Now it has more than 1 billion.

He says that change is due to the rise of the Internet.

When he was a kid growing up in Michigan, Lohn said, he couldn’t afford the Internet or a computer.

He used to go to school in the library and buy books, he said.

But today, he gets a high-speed Internet connection and a DVD player.

Lohn said he was inspired to create his company when he realized the amount of time it took to learn in the classroom was getting out of control.

“When I was a teacher, it was really hard to teach and I was losing the best teaching experience,” he said, adding that he wanted to make it easier for teachers to keep up with the students.

Lohl launched Loh in 2001.

LOH says that in 2014, the company raised $100 million in Series A funding.

He believes his company will continue to grow and become a leader in education.

But Loh said he believes his new company is not about the future.

He sees the future as the education industry.

He doesn’t see his company as a business, but as a human being.

Loughs Education is a nonprofit organization that does a lot of things in education for the world, Luh said.

For example, it helps universities and schools pay for online courses.

Luh says Loh is committed to helping students learn more and faster.

Luh is a self-described “tech geek.”

He said he likes the idea of helping people learn.

That’s why he’s excited to be in charge of helping students with online education on a global scale.

“I really think it’s going to transform the world and bring a lot more people to the Internet,” he told the AP.