The film, which features an old lady teaching an 11-year-old girl how to do an aerial manoeuvre in a rocket engine, is getting rave reviews.

But the movie has not been screened in Australia.

“The pilot is not an educational movie but it is an exciting movie that has been screened,” said Mr Woosley.

“It’s a fun film that has a good story, it’s funny and it has a lot of heart.”

The film is called The Wings of Desire, a term for a fictional flight from Adelaide to London, but the trailer does not say anything about what is in the movie.

“We wanted to give something to a very young audience that is very interested in science and technology,” Mr Wooley said.

“They’re not as used to that.”

One thing that may catch their interest is the fact that the movie features the daughter of the movie’s main character.

The film was shot in the 1980s and the main character is a woman.

She is the wife of a former air force colonel and works in the aerospace industry.

“She has a very hard time at work and she is the one who keeps a watchful eye on her husband’s life,” Mr Doolan said.

The title of the film is inspired by the first flight of the first ever aeroplane in Australia, which took place on October 2, 1926.

The movie’s director, Mr Wunsley, is also an aviation enthusiast.

“I’m an aeronautical engineer and I’ve worked with the Air Force,” Mr Maitland said.

“We’ve been in the industry for decades and this is a very exciting opportunity to take a look back and tell a story that hasn’t been told before.”

Mr Wunson said he wanted to make the movie in an atmosphere of confidence.

“If you were a young person you would want to see something like this,” he said.

Mr Wausley said he was hoping to release the film in the coming weeks.

“But there is nothing concrete to announce at this point,” he added.

“What’s more exciting is that we have a lot more footage to show off.”

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