Devin Nunes was one of the many GOP senators who voted against a bill to expand background checks for gun buyers.

Now he’s being blamed for a new bill to teach sex ed to children in public schools.

Schiff, a California Republican, voted against the measure in the Senate on Monday.

The measure was introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who called it “a Trojan Horse” that “is going to give teachers the false impression that it is the policy of the Department of Education.”

Cruz said it “will enable children to be exposed to information that is not in accordance with their sexual orientation.”

He said, “I want to make it very clear to all parents, children, and anyone who is interested in children’s sexuality, that this is a Trojan horse that is going to allow teachers to make false statements about sex education in schools.”

Schiff’s opposition to the legislation is no surprise, because he’s a member of the Senate’s “no-prize” voting bloc.

He said in a statement on Tuesday that he voted against expanding background checks because it would “allow the government to force a child to choose between his or her religious beliefs and his or the best interests of the child.”

The Texas Republican’s opposition is the latest example of Republicans who’ve been accused of being anti-LGBT in their support for sex education.

In March, Sen. Rand Paul, R, Kentucky, announced he would vote against expanding a federal mandate that states require all public schools to teach a curriculum on same-sex relationships.

Paul’s statement, however, was met with criticism from some parents who argued the mandate was already mandated in states.