An update to our education policy article The latest update from the OECD Education Finance and Policy Institute shows Australia has the lowest per-pupil disposable income of any OECD country.

The report shows the average per-student disposable income in the OECD is $5,100 per person.

This is a drop of more than 10 per cent from last year, when the average was $6,800.

The average per student disposable income for the OECD countries is also down $10,400 from last June.

Australia’s per-capita disposable income is the lowest of the OECDs 21 member countries.

A spokesman for the Government’s Department of Education said it was important to note the OECD’s data shows the median household income for all Australians is $45,000.

“While it is encouraging to see a substantial improvement in living standards, there are still significant barriers to achieving this goal,” the spokesman said.

According to the report, the OECD found Australia’s median household disposable income rose $1,600 to $45.4 million in 2018.

But the average income per person for the wealthiest 1 per cent of households fell by $634, while the average for the poorest 1 per set of households increased by $2,800, or 15 per cent.

Among OECD countries, the median disposable income was $56,400 in the first quarter of 2019, but the median per person income dropped to $37,300 in the fourth quarter.

As with many OECD countries the average disposable income per Australian in 2019 is below the OECD average.

Average disposable income growth rate, 2017-18: OECD data, per person, by OECD member country: OECD member countries Average per person disposable income, per capita, 2017 per person OECD member states Average per capita disposable income OECD member nations Average per head disposable income Australia $45 $56 $37 $30 France $53 $54 $39 $33 Italy $50 $56

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