Educators across the country have begun preparing for the arrival of 2020 and the opening of the new school year.

As the opening day approaches, there are some key dates to keep in mind as schools prepare for the 2020-21 school year, including:• Opening on Tuesday, April 8• Classes start on Thursday, April 14• Students start school on Monday, April 19• Final exams begin on Friday, April 20The key dates for schools to consider include:• New Year’s Day on Monday • Monday, March 23 • Tuesday, March 25 • Tuesday April 2• Wednesday, April 4• Thursday, March 5• Friday, March 6• Saturday, March 7The first day of classes begins on Monday with final exams to be held on Tuesday.

The first two weeks of the year have not been without controversy.

In May, a student was suspended from school for allegedly bringing a knife to school, which prompted a protest.

In June, students and teachers clashed over the issue.

The New Year is often a difficult time for teachers and pupils, who will be forced to take a break during the school year and face a shortage of staff.

Schools in the area are also faced with the decision of whether to reopen on a weekend or a Monday due to high demand.

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