Apple Education has a price hike starting today.

The online education bundle that includes all the products and services offered through the company’s online learning platform will go up to $2.99.

That’s an $18 increase over the current price of $1.99, which is also on the same day as the launch of the company, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Apple said it plans to offer a $30 discount for students and parents who purchase the bundle.

Students who purchase both the Apple Education and the $2 per-month bundle will also receive a free two-day pass to Apple’s Apple Expo on Aug. 15.

Apple is also adding a $20 credit to the cost of the bundle if students and families enroll in the Apple HealthKit for HealthKit program, which lets them monitor and manage health information across their Apple devices.

Apple also plans to roll out a new Apple Watch Series 4 and a new iWatch Series 3 in the coming weeks, but those devices won’t be available to purchase until September.

Apple has said that it will provide additional incentives for students to purchase the Apple Watch and iWatch in order to help offset the higher price tag.