I want to make a living.

I want my family to have a life.

I am passionate about helping others achieve their dreams.

And, I have the ambition to help people succeed.

But I don,t want to go to a traditional college and study for four years.

I just want to get a degree.

I don’t have an answer for how I can get a job after college, nor do I know what kind of work I would want to do after school.

So, I decided to try out a career that I have always dreamed of, but never thought I would actually find: entrepreneurship.

As an undergraduate in MIT’s Computer Science Department, I began my career as a software developer.

I wrote a program to recognize the difference between words and characters in a sentence and I wrote my first software.

It was a big deal.

It made my classmates very happy.

And it also gave me an opportunity to build my own company.

I was able to start my own business because my parents supported me in my studies.

I was able in that way to create a career path I would be proud of.

But I wasn’t happy there.

My parents never paid attention to what I did, and I wasn, too.

I wasn.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.

My dream was to do something with computers.

So I decided it was time to change that.

I decided that I would take an engineering degree and start building companies with computers instead of with books.

I wanted something that would help me realize the potential of computers.

In the years that followed, I developed the first version of Java, a programming language.

It became a standard in many places.

Then I moved on to write a computer game called Minecraft.

I also developed an application called Minecraft for the iPod, and my first company, Minecraft Inc., was formed.

Today, Minecraft is the number one game in the world, with millions of players.

I’ve also created software for the Internet of Things.

I believe the best way to help someone achieve their dream is to help them get started.

It’s a very rewarding experience, but I’m happy I didn?t get there in a traditional sense.

But, I did have a couple of mentors who helped me along the way.

I am very thankful for the mentoring that my family gave me.

I learned a lot from them.

They are great people and very thoughtful people.

My mother is the greatest.

They always taught me how to be selfless.

They never took anything for granted.

I would always ask them questions like, What’s your dream?

And, What would you like to do?

When you say “do something,” what do you mean?

They?re always telling me, “don?t stop until you reach that dream.”

That?s something I take very seriously.

I think it has a lot to do with their love of my parents.

They gave me a lot of opportunities, but they always asked me to do what I think is best for me.

They were very encouraging.

I had mentors who were my mentors, but also mentors that were my friends.

I always appreciated that.

They?ve been very supportive of my career path, but at the same time, I think my mother was the one who encouraged me to pursue my dream.

She never said, “You can do anything you want to.

There are always people who will help you.”

They were the ones who supported me and helped me make the right choices.

I appreciate that.

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