We’re still talking about it, and the fact that former Marine Ryan Murphy is now a prominent political commentator, but a major storyline that we can all relate to is the fact he’s been in jail for a long time.

Murphy, who played a military sniper in the film War Dogs, is currently in custody in Texas on multiple charges stemming from the shooting of two black men on November 21st.

The charges stem from a confrontation at a convenience store, where Murphy was arrested for allegedly trying to buy marijuana from a man.

The incident is the latest example of how race, class, and age intersect in the criminal justice system.

As Murphy and his supporters have pushed back against the charges, there have been accusations that he is an opportunist who’s being framed as a serial killer.

While Murphy has never been convicted of murder, he has been accused of numerous other crimes, including robbery, sexual assault, and battery.

He’s been charged with all three, but his lawyer claims that there’s more to the story.

“There is a lot of evidence in the indictment that Mr. Murphy is innocent of all charges.

He is a veteran who served honorably and has done so for more than a decade,” his lawyer Mark Corallo said.

In addition to the numerous charges, Murphy is currently under a gag order from the judge who is overseeing his case.

He has reportedly been on a hunger strike since December 14th.