The Bible’s Bibleschool has changed its name to The Bible School.

The name change was announced by a local school board on Thursday.

The board said it had to make a difficult decision in the wake of the church’s decision to stop teaching its teachings in schools.

The Bible, which was founded in 1831 by the prophet John the Baptist, is one of the six official languages of the United States and is the only Bible that can be read in the Bible Belt.

Its popularity has grown in recent years and the school, which has over 700 students, has been receiving hundreds of applications a year.

“It is our hope that in time this name will be changed to something that will reflect the many people who come to our school each year to learn,” said school board member John Larkin.

The school’s name change came in response to a local news report that a school board candidate was considering removing the Bible from the curriculum.

The report cited the school’s “bad” reputation and the controversy surrounding the school.

Larkin said the school has received a number of complaints about the school and that he would be seeking to remove the name.

“This is a difficult and challenging decision that we’re going to have to make,” he said.

“But I’m hoping that in the end we can work together to find the right solution.”

Larkin is one member of a local council that is considering a name change for the school on behalf of the local community.

In a statement, the school board said the decision was based on a number.

The majority of people in the community support changing the name of the school to reflect the community.

“In light of the recent controversy regarding the school name and the lack of interest in the name change, we felt it would be best for us to make the difficult decision to change the name to reflect this community and the support we have for the local school,” the statement said.

The original name for the Bible school was The Bible and Academy.

The academy has since been renamed The Bible Education Center.

The Board of Education voted to change it back to the original name on Thursday after a meeting.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.