Posted February 08, 2020 12:01:16It is one of the first video games to tackle the topic of sexuality in a way that isn’t only for young adults but also for young children.

The game is called “Sick Kids” and it is being developed by Capital Education, a new company founded by a group of Australian educators and developers to tackle what they believe are serious issues in the education system.

Key points:The game aims to teach children about what is normal for a sexual relationship and how to cope with the pressures of pubertyCapital Education’s director of education, Tim McArthur, says it is aimed at parents and educators”We want to get parents involved, we want teachers involved, parents to have an input into what we’re doing and we want them to understand that it is a game,” Capital Education’s chief executive, Tim McGinty, said.

The studio has developed a video game called “Risk” which has been downloaded more than 13 million times and has been made into a movie.

“Risk is a short video game where the player is asked to choose their sexual partner.

The player has a choice of six partners, and each partner is given their own story of what happens in their relationship, what happens between them and their partner,” Capital’s chief marketing officer, Daniella McLean, said in a video interview.”

What they are doing with Risk is teaching children about consent, understanding the importance of talking about sex and sexuality with young people, and how you can protect yourself, your partner, your children from the risk of being sexually assaulted.”

McLean said the game would be available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Amazon.

The game is not set in Australia, and McLean said it was created in an Australian context.

The video game has been praised by educators and parents who say it helps children understand consent.

“I think it’s fantastic, I think it will be a huge game changer in the Australian education system,” National Education Union (NEU) national education spokesperson, Andrew Giles, said on Thursday.

“It’s really important that we get a broader understanding of what consent looks like and how it is done.”

If we can get parents and teachers involved and help them understand what consent is, then that’s going to be an incredibly good thing.

“The game has raised a lot of attention in Australia’s online education community.

The NEU has raised more than $100,000 on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo for the project.

The NEU says it would like to raise $500,000 for the game.

It has also raised over $40,000 to buy advertising space in the Google play store.

Capital Education says it has received a lot from its crowdfunding campaign.”

Our first goal is to raise enough money to get this project off the ground, so that we can launch the game with more partners, to have more content, to be able to produce more content for other educational institutions and to continue the conversation about consent,” McLean told Business Insider.”

We believe that there is a real need for education about sexual assault, and we hope that our platform will help us to build a better education system for young people.

“McGinty said the project was funded by Capital’s existing advertising business and had the potential to make the games revenue stream sustainable.”

The fact that we have been able to make a really good first investment into this kind of project, it shows the power of investing in things that will be of real value to the future,” he said.”

One of the things that I love about this particular platform is that we are able to focus on a lot more than just games, and that is a really exciting development for us.”‘

Sick kids’ is a new video game developed by the developers of Capital Education that is aimed to teach young children about sexual relationships and the pressures involved in pubertyCapital education’s director for education, McArthur said the company was making the game “in an Australian community, so we’re really focussed on educating the Australian community about the issues that we deal with in the school curriculum and how we can help people in our community to be better prepared for their own sexuality.””

Our aim is to get a wider audience involved and get parents, teachers and students involved,” he added.”

In the game, you’ll have the option of choosing six partners.

There’s a little bit of humour in the game about it, there’s a couple of scenes where you’ve got two people with different personalities and there’s also a scene where you’re having sex and the camera’s focusing on your breasts.

“There’s also sexual content with sexual partners, there are a couple in the story where you can actually see the penis of a sexual partner and it’s a really fun game to play.”

McGuinty says the game will help young people understand the risks of their relationships and