New Scientist article NewScientists are the people who share our knowledge of science, culture and the natural world.

NewScientism is an online publication, created by the University of Queensland’s Department of Communications and Media, which is part of the Australian Research Council.

It provides access to a wealth of research, scholarship, commentary and news.

The articles we publish are peer-reviewed and written by experts from a wide range of disciplines.

We believe in challenging the status quo and the importance of engaging with the media to inform and educate our readers.

New Science is the only online publication to be a joint partnership of the University and Queensland Government.

New Scientist’s team of editors are all Queenslanders and the article will be published in English.

The title of this article is the Queensland Government’s announcement on its Queensland funding for sex education.

The article was originally published in the Brisbane Times.

Please click here to read it.

For more information about the Queensland Education Funding Agency, please click here.

NewSci is a joint venture of The University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Queensland University.

New Sci aims to provide access to the best scientific, technological and social research and scholarship in Australia.

The University and the University’s research partners are all part of The Australian Research Commission, which manages Australia’s research grants and supports the science and research workforce.

New Sciences research is supported by a wide variety of public and private funding sources, including the Australian and New Zealand Governments.

The university is a member of the CSIRO.

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