Players at NFL games have been protesting sexual misconduct allegations at stadiums for weeks, but some players on Wednesday took matters into their own hands.

The NFL Players Association has said that more than 1,000 players are taking part in a national strike to protest sexual assault on NFL fields, which began in August.

They’re calling for a boycott of games and a ban on players and coaches engaging in any form of sexual activity while they are on the field.

“We know it is a difficult time for those of us who work in this business to see the magnitude of this issue, and we understand the pain that it has caused,” the union’s president, Greg Salas, said Wednesday in a statement.

Players are taking the issue to social media to share their frustrations, including via Twitter:The players have also begun a Facebook page, a petition and a petition on

On Wednesday, several NFL players took to Twitter to call out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for failing to address the issues.

As we speak, our players are walking out of their stadiums and onto the field with signs and banners saying #NotMyNFL #NotRogerEGoldre, @NFLPA Commissioner Roger.

They’re showing that we’re not going to be quiet. — Ray Lewis (@RayLewis) September 22, 2018Players are demanding a suspension of Goodell and for him to step down from his post.

He has refused to do so, instead saying he’s working with the NFLPA on a new collective bargaining agreement.

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