The top of the board of education is where students learn about their bodies and sexuality, according to an executive at a California school district.

In a video titled “Talking About Sexual Assault,” the district executive says the board’s staff are teaching about the health effects of sexual assault and sexual violence in schools.

“We’re really seeing the impact of sexual violence on the school and our students,” said the executive, who is not named in the video.

“So that’s really a key point of reference, so that the students understand that it’s not just a male thing or a female thing, but it’s something that affects all of us.”

She added that she believes it’s important to teach students about the ways in which sexual assault happens, and that the district needs to “talk about the importance of talking about sexual violence.”

“The most effective way to address this is to have an open dialogue and listen to all sides of the issue,” she said.

“It really does help the student understand that this is something that’s going on and that we’re all involved.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, follows a national trend that has seen schools and districts talk more about sexual misconduct on campus and have more in-depth conversations about the issue.

In September, the Trump administration withdrew a federal funding package for schools that included Title IX protections for victims of sexual abuse.

Schools across the country are also struggling with increasing pressure from their parents and communities to change how they handle sexual assault complaints.

“It’s hard to find a positive outcome when your students are the ones who are being hurt,” said Katie Fagan, a parent of a freshman student at the school where the executive worked.

“I think that’s why we have a culture of silence,” she added.

“I think we’re afraid that this could affect our kids.”