Microsoft is finally releasing a version of Xbox Live for kids, and it’s here for kids with disabilities.

The new feature, which Microsoft calls Xbox Live For Schools, can be used to connect kids with a disability to games, music and other features that will be available to them through their Xbox Live credentials. 

The feature is available for Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One consoles, Xbox 360 consoles and Xbox One controllers, and you can sign up for it with your Microsoft account or through the Xbox app. 

Microsoft has added support for Windows-specific games and other media to Xbox Live.

You can use this feature to connect a child with a physical disability to a game on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

For example, a child who is blind or has visual impairment can use the “Xbox” app to play a game or create an event to share with their friends, or the “Microsoft Edge” app for the Microsoft Edge browser for children with disabilities can be connected to the game “The Sims” through the app.

The Xbox For Schools feature is the first time that Microsoft has released a full feature for children who use wheelchairs, but the company has added more features in the future.

Microsoft has added an Xbox controller to the Xbox family and the Xbox Fitness app is now compatible with the Xbox 360.

The feature will also be available on Xbox One, Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox Gaming Pass, Xbox Hub, Xbox Music Pass, and Xbox Live Gold.

The new Xbox For Education feature lets children who have a physical or hearing impairment access Xbox games, content, apps and services, which include Xbox Live, Xbox Games for Windows Live and Xbox Play Services, on Xbox 360, Xbox Live TV, Xbox Media Player and the Microsoft Office suite. 

“We’re excited to offer the first-ever Xbox For School to millions of families across the world,” said Brian Wiese, director of Xbox marketing.

“This is a first-of-its-kind experience that helps to connect children with physical disabilities and their families to the world’s best gaming and entertainment experiences.”

The Xbox for Schools feature will be in preview mode through the end of the year, so you can’t sign up yet.

It will be released in the coming months and in the final release of the Xbox program, which launches in October.

Microsoft will have a dedicated developer program for Xbox One and Xbox 360 devices, and there’s also a dedicated Windows Developer program for Windows PCs.

Microsoft says the program will enable developers to build experiences that are more accessible to children and families with disabilities, and will allow them to build more accessible experiences for all platforms.