Apple is closing its retail store in some states in 2020, and the company says it is doing so to ensure the continued survival of the online education business.

The company said the decision will affect approximately 1 million employees, most of whom are in the US.

It said the company has “taken this action in order to ensure that Apple continues to operate the company’s online education store in a manner that is in the best interest of the company and our employees, and we expect to be able to continue operating the store for a number of years to come”.

It said Apple will continue to offer online education through its App Store and other platforms, but it plans to close the company store in 2020.

Apple’s stores are typically located in major cities in the country, but the company is looking to expand its reach in the Midwest and other areas of the country.

Apple has already closed a handful of stores in the past few years, including one in Los Angeles in 2013.

Apple will have to close stores to make room for the store’s opening, but some retailers are already lining up to take on the store.

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