By TOM CABALISIAssociated PressAUSTIN (AP) – What do you do if you are the kid who gets in trouble at school?

Do you just get into it and make it worse?

Or do you try to help your fellow classmates and take their frustrations out on the teacher?

What do you say when the teacher’s kids are getting into fights?

What do the parents of teachers say to their children when they are doing the same?

These are the questions asked and answered in this interactive video series that uses a variety of online tools to provide insight into the ways we learn and the challenges we face as adults.

It is based on the book “Teachers Are the People” by Rebecca Solnit.

The videos, which are produced by The Learning Center, an online learning and education startup based in Austin, Texas, offer a look into what it means to be an educator in the 21st century and what role our profession can play in making our children smarter and more engaged.

“It’s really about what we do in the classroom, the teaching environment, and the community,” said Rebecca Solnat, who co-created the series with her husband, Tim Solnat.

“What we do is really about how we are connecting kids with the world, how we empower our teachers, and how we encourage the kids to learn and grow and be better.”

Here are some of the questions we asked and how our answers help explain the topics covered in the videos:1.

How do you make a classroom fun?2.

How does the classroom help you grow and thrive as an educator?3.

How can you be a role model for your students when they reach their late teens and early twenties?4.

How are students learning to learn better in the classrooms of today?5.

How well are the teachers doing in the field of education?6.

How much more do they need to know in order to have a good life?7.

How should teachers teach their students?8.

What is a good teacher to look out for in her students?9.

What are the best ways to have an active and engaged student?10.

What do teachers need to do to keep students safe in the workplace?11.

How is a teacher getting kids to understand the importance of literacy and numeracy?12.

What can teachers do to help their students learn to be more creative?13.

How will students be able to learn to think for themselves and use new technologies?14.

What does it mean to be a great teacher if you’re not one?15.

What’s the most important lesson you can teach your students about literacy and literacy and math?16.

What will it take to make your children a good educator?17.

What role do teachers have in our society?18.

What makes a good learning experience?19.

How many kids can a parent support in a classroom?20.

What challenges do teachers face?21.

What needs to be done to increase the numbers of teachers in the community?22.

What should be done when you are having trouble with a child?23.

How did the teacher make the best decision for her students in the past?24.

How would you want your students to learn?25.

What skills should a teacher have in the future?26.

What types of resources do you have available to you?27.

How long does it take for a child to become a good student?28.

What kinds of teachers do you see most often?29.

What kind of teacher do you know who is passionate about helping kids become more creative and innovative?30.

How effective are teacher training courses?31.

How often are you getting the best results with a student?32.

What would be your advice for teachers?33.

What might be the most difficult lesson you teach your student in the coming years?34.

What advice would you give your children?35.

How might your children be better prepared for the future if they were better prepared in the first place?36.

How important is a supportive teacher to your child’s education?37.

What impact can a supportive parent have on a child’s future success?38.

What resources should teachers have available for their students to do their homework?39.

How could a parent help his or her child understand the differences between reading and writing?40.

What has been the most challenging lesson you’ve taught your child?41.

What was your most rewarding lesson?42.

What were the best lessons you taught your student?43.

What experiences have you had as a teacher?44.

What made you want to learn more?45.

How helpful is a resource that helps parents to plan a good educational day?46.

How valuable is it for a parent to get help when he or she is experiencing challenges with their child?47.

How accurate are online resources about literacy, numeracy, and reading?48.

What questions would you like answered about the field and how can parents find out more

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