A lot of people are going to think this is about Donald Trump, but it’s not.

If you’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind, America’s a better place.

If America’s not great, then why should anyone care?

It’s time to make America great again.

It’s a time for unity, not division.

We’re in a global economy that can’t sustain a world in which millions of people have to compete for the same resources, and if we can’t solve this problem together, we will not be able to compete together.

We must put America first, and we must unite to fix this problem.

This is why we need a Trump administration, and why this movement is growing.

As we speak, I’m seeing more and more Americans feel emboldened to speak up.

I’m also seeing the truth of what’s really going on.

America is losing, and it’s getting worse.

People are waking up to the fact that the world is becoming more and, in some ways, more dangerous.

This isn’t an issue of racism or sexism or xenophobia or hatred.

These are the facts.

If we’re going to solve this crisis, we need to be united in tackling it together.

There’s nothing wrong with speaking out about your frustrations, but I think there is a difference between coming out and making a statement and making an agreement.

It takes a certain amount of guts and an open mind to say, “No, I won’t do this anymore.”

I think what’s happening in this country is a symptom of a much larger crisis.

Americans have been so divided for so long.

We’ve forgotten that there’s a difference, and a great American has a right to say no.

You have a right, and you have a duty, to stand up for what you believe in, but the truth is, it’s hard to do.

When you’re the one who’s standing up for your beliefs, it becomes easier to do that when your voice is heard.

We have a president who’s not afraid of confrontation, who has not been afraid to call out his opponents, who is going to fight for his principles, who’s going to put America’s best interests above the political expediency of a particular party.

But that’s a long way from what we need right now.

Trump’s been the president who hasn’t done anything, and this movement has not only not been doing anything, it hasn’t even been listening.

There are too many unanswered questions about what he wants to do for the country.

We need a new president who will make America proud again, and who will say what the facts are and what’s actually happening.

America needs a President who will be a champion for working families and people who are just looking for an honest, open conversation.

We are looking for a leader who will tell the truth.

We want to hear from our president on what he plans to do on healthcare, the environment, and the economy.

We will not let that happen unless we get real solutions, because the facts don’t lie.

We believe that it’s our duty to tell the country what’s in the best interest of the people of this country, because we’re seeing the same pattern repeat itself over and over again in the last four years.

People want change, and they want a change in Washington.

They want to know what is in the interests of the American people.

We can’t be silent.

And we have to stand against the tide of hatred and division that is sweeping the country, and hold those who hold us back to account.

America’s in a state of crisis, and its time to come together as a nation and take back power.

I am calling on the entire American people to join together in this fight.

The Trump administration is not just the president of the United States, they’re the government of the world.

This country’s in crisis.

The world is in crisis, but America’s crisis is growing faster than anyone can comprehend.

We don’t have the luxury of pretending we don’t know what’s going on around us.

We do, and America’s leadership is now in danger.

I will not stop fighting until we have a change of leadership that will put America and the people in charge of America.