Diabetic education in a video game might be cool, but what about educating kids about diabetes?

Well, that’s exactly what game maker Diabetic Education is working on.

The company is creating a game called “DiaPer,” in which the player guides a group of kids through the lessons about diabetes.

Players will learn about diabetes and how to manage it, learn how to prevent it, and work on getting healthier.

Diabetic Learning will be the first of a series of interactive educational games aimed at children, including “DIABLE,” a game where children learn to manage their diabetes through a variety of game mechanics, according to a press release from DiabeticEducation.com.

While “Diasper” is a bit more ambitious than “Diac” on the subject, the game is still a good first step toward a game with a better focus on education.

Diabet is an autoimmune disease that affects the body’s ability to control its own body temperature.

This condition, known as diabetes, affects millions of Americans, with the average adult living with the disease for a year or more.

In order to manage the disease, doctors recommend treating it with insulin injections or insulin medication.

While Diabetic is still in its early stages, the developer is already looking to build a more educational version of the game, according the press release.

Diabetes education is an important topic, and Diabetic’s game is aimed at making the education more accessible.

The game will be developed for iOS and Android devices, and will be available for $4.99.

There will be three different versions: a simple one for $3.99, a more complicated one for just $5.99 and a “premium” version for $6.99 (and yes, there will be a premium version, too).

Diabetic will also be bringing the game to tablets, but that is not set in stone.

“Diabetes education has become a critical topic for many educators across the country, and the industry is now seeing tremendous interest in its potential,” Diabetic said in the press conference.

“It will allow for more people to learn and be empowered to better care for their children with diabetes.”

It sounds like a game for the kids.

The team is hoping that the game will reach a wider audience.

“This is not just a game, but a conversation, a conversation about how our students and their families should be taught about diabetes,” Diabet founder and CEO Adam Mennella said in a press statement.

“The future of Diabetic has much to do with the future of education.”

“Diabetic Education will be one of the first in the world to focus on the topic of diabetes education.

In fact, it is one of our largest and most successful games.”

It will be released on iOS and Google Play on September 11.