Three months ago, President-elect Donald Trump signed an executive order to cut taxes for corporations and individuals, but in his first 100 days, DeVos has begun her tenure in the administration by cutting education funding.

DeVos has been a vocal advocate for charter schools, which are charter schools operated by for-profit companies, and her administration has called for more funding for schools that rely on taxpayer support.

DeVos’ budget proposal would make the Pell Grant program the largest block grant program in the nation.

DeVos plans to use the money to hire a new commissioner to oversee schools and help them improve graduation rates and student retention.

“The Pell Grant is one of the most significant investments we’ve made to help students graduate from high school and college.

The federal government has invested in education for millions of Americans for decades, but we can’t continue to do that with no accountability to students,” DeVos said in a statement.

“I’m committed to continuing to make this investment for our students.”

DeVos will also be pushing to keep the Pell Grants at current levels and ensure that students who graduate from public schools receive more financial aid, and has said that she supports the creation of new school choice programs to make it easier for families to get an education.

She also announced that she would use the Department of Education’s budget to help fund new preschools.

DeVos is expected to announce the next budget on January 5.

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