A former New Jersey State University linebacker and former NFL player has announced that he will donate $5.5 million to support a children’s charity.

Booker, who also served as the New Jersey NFL team captain for two seasons, announced the announcement on Twitter Wednesday.

He added that he had also been working with a child-care center in Brooklyn to help bring children to the New York City area.

The New Jersey-based nonprofit, ChildCare International, operates six childcare centers in New Jersey and New York.

The organization’s CEO, Jennifer McBride, told CBS News that Booker will donate the money to the organization’s New York Children’s Hospital Center.

“The goal is to give them access to a quality and affordable care for the most vulnerable in our community,” she said.

The center is located in Brooklyn’s Catskills section of Brooklyn.

Booker said that he was inspired to act after witnessing the struggles of a young woman who was living in a shelter in the Bronx and struggling to get by.

“She had been in the shelter for two years and she was in her 20s,” he said.

“When she finally came out of the shelter she was a homeless woman.

She had a really hard time getting by.”

He continued, “She was really scared.

She was in pain.

She didn’t want to be out in public.

And they were the most beautiful kids I have ever seen. “

I saw these kids, these kids who had to live on the street and in shelters.

And they were the most beautiful kids I have ever seen.

I just thought, what could I do to help these kids?”

Booker, now 34, was the first player drafted by the New England Patriots in 2001.

He signed a three-year, $28 million contract in 2011.

The Patriots selected him with the fifth overall pick, which was later traded to the Cleveland Browns for quarterback Josh McCown.

Booker went on to become a three time Pro Bowl selection and an NFL All-Pro for the New Orleans Saints in 2013.

He has also been named an All-Star for the Saints and has won Super Bowls with the New Zealand national team and the United States national team.

The NFL Players Association has not commented on the announcement.

The charity, founded in 2014, has served children in New York and New Jersey since the 1970s.